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Make sailing an innate experience with “Ocean & Brine”.

Every sail while your ships cross the horizon of deep blue ocean, crisscrossing the globe while sailing the deep seas, carry precious loads of freight containing lifesaving materials, precious goods & supplies, we are here to make sure that the sailing is smooth and the ships are fit to face the tough intercontinental journeys. It’s absolutely crucial for the vessels to use only the best quality marine spare parts in order to safeguard against any unwanted perils.

At “Ocean & Brine” we supply a wide range of Marine Equipment & Ship spare parts at various ports across the globe, supply and customer care. We can meet your demand as per your vessel specification and at a very competitive price range. We are known for our supplies and is a name to reckon with in the ship supply fraternity.


Our services are round the clock 24x7x365 with absolute immediate response mechanism, Our Emergency Support team actions the “ÜRGENT” tagged enquiries with express immediate response.


At Ocean & Brine, each and every supplied product and materials are made of Äsbestos-Free Material”. Our Ship supplies are of highest quality, tested and of renowned brands globally.
Our wide range of products include: Hydraulic motors & pumps, Fresh water generators & Heat Exchangers, Oil Purifiers, Main Engine Spare Parts, Turbochargers, Governor, Auxiliary Engine, Heat exchangers, Main Air Compressor, & much more.

Why Ocean & Brine ?

Our Work Illustrates & Exemplifies for others to be motivated.

Our spare supplies are focused on excellent qualities and are enabled by a standard product check providing all-round Excellence. We achieve each milestone by a seamless integration of product and perceptive technology that ensures
express and affordable spare supply solution.

Our unique model, approach, provides better predictability, expanded capabilities that ensure clients better value and experience and an assurance to offer the best.